pátek 24. srpna 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 11.

Tuesday, 21.
Today it's fifty years the Russians occupied us. I wish I were in Prague today.

But since it's impossible, at least I go to enjoy the Comics museum.

Claire's going to take me to the archives!

Calvo - Blutch - Rabaté - Sfar

...and then Chris Ware emerges out of the drawer!!!
Special foil covering the picture.

... and at the end, the star of stars, Winsor Mc Cay and his dinosaur Gertie. And comic pages of The Rarebit Fiend and authentic sunday pages with Little Nemo!

I'm afraid not to spit or sputter or something like that...

- Beauty! Splendor! Geniuses! I'll never be so good!
- Jesus, stop it! You should have already overcome this competitive thinking!

Wednesday, 22.
Today it's farewell party with Gabri, who's leaving on Friday.

When I got home, little bit tipsy, it happens what necessarily should happen once...

Instead of toothpaste I grab the cleansing milk which has almost the same tube...

But it doesn't taste so bad, after all...

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