pátek 14. září 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 15.

Thursday, 30.
I meet that vagabond again. He´s wandering the streets of the Old town as a begging ghost, he collects junk, peeps into dustbins.
In his hunderd-years-old cloth in natural colours he would fit in some historical movie.
He emanates some special pride, almost a grace. In past eight years he didn´t change at all.
Then, I met him again...

He looked at me in surprise and he took the bill without a word. I felt embarrased, as if I had insulted him. Maybe he´s neither a beggar, nor a homeless. Maybe he is Saint Cybard.
I should have asked.

Two of three apples I have picked on the island on 3-rd of August survived in a good shape until now. I add more apples and bake a pie.

I´m walking around MDA and I´m saying goodbye.

- Hi, Lola! Do you want some pie?

I´m cleaning, packing, saying goodbye. First at Place du Minage, then at our place and finally at a bar which is open until night.

Friday, 31.
So, let´s go home, to Zeman, to Babiš...
(Czech president and prime minister)

- Just wait, we´ll meet again!
- When I´ll miss all this, I will go to IKEA!

It´s easy to go down the hill even with two suitcases.

- Oh no, that´s you, Fanny!
- What a coincidence! My sister just arrived, we´re having lunch with Thierry.

Well, here, somebody is arriving and somebody is leaving all the time.


This diary comics was created during August (and September) 2018 thanks to a generous hospitality of Maison des auteurs in a charming town Angoulême.
Namely I want to thank Pili Muñoz and Brigitte Macias, two Captains and Guardians of this unique comics ark.
I greet all the residents and other people I met. Thanks for your warm welcome, your openness and I hope you won´t get upset when you find yourselves in my diary.

Prague, September, 13, 2018

úterý 11. září 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 14.

Monday, 27.
Just few days left till my departure, so I go shopping some gifts.
- This could suit to Ivana...
- Wow, this is beautiful! I could buy one too...

- Oh, this one is amazing! I´ll buy it for Běta...
- I woun´t find this in Prague.
It would match with my ring...

- This way of double-shopping gifts is quite interesting! I just feel compunction that I spend so much.
- Hello, madame!
- ...and some more compunction that I won´t give anything to this beggar. I just don´t like this one. 

Tuesday, 28. Royan.
With Mat and Nina we are heading to the sea.
Just for two days, to a very simple AirBnB.
- Are there some sheets, please?
- It´s not included. It´s written on the page. But for 20€ I will
bring them.

We are hungry, but it´s too soon for the lunch. But we don´t care, we´re on HOLIDAYS!
We admire a huge modern cathedral form the 70-s.

The sea is of the coffee-with-milk color and it´s almost so warm.

- Do you think it´s poisonous? It´s probably dead, right?

- I think so...

- You don´t have to be afraid of it, it´s dead, likely because of the heat. But if they sting you a lot in the sea, you could even die...

Why is everything so short?
We´re having a dinner in a restaurant la Siesta, where Picasso was supposed to go.
- Well jeez...
- I´m sure he didn´t go only here!
- If he ever was here!

- Sure!
- However, I don´t like cubism!
- Exactly!
- And top of that, he was such an asshole!
Then, with unexpected force, a big storm broke out.
- Wine! Mainly the wine!

- You have to come to me to Prague!
- That´s for sure!
- We will!

Wednesday, 29.
Girls let me have the best bed, but I can´t fall asleep...
- Somebody must have died here or what...

- Did your parents live in this house?
- No, why?

neděle 9. září 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 13.

After eight years I see P. again.

I meet A.

We´re going to see their house - castle, they are reconstructing it in order to move there.
- This will be a storage.
- Here, a guestroom.
- A study.
- Bedroom.
- Dining room.
- Living room.
- Kitchen.
- Room for J.
- Atelier.
- Room for Au.
- In the valley over there is Loire.
- We´ll plant the herbs here.
- This is a windmill from the 17-th century, we will leave it like this for now.

I admire how they go into it with such an energy. It will be beautiful, but when I remember my 3+1 in Prague, where I have just to vacuum, I feel a big relief.
Sunday, 26.
P. takes me to the atelier of LL.
(figurines Les Reveurs)
- They are the only ones who hasn´t change in last 15 years.
- They are beautiful, you should make a book of it.

Close to Doué LL made a wonderful exposition about a history of caves duged out by local people to get stone over the centuries.

Then P. and A. drive me to the meeting point with my return blablacar and we say goodbye. The way back is quick and pleasant.
- How fast did I started to feel home here!

In the evening I write the evaluation of the first driver and I read his one.
- "The journey was good, we had a nice chat, for example about the landscape..."

Link to Le Mystère des Faluns:

středa 5. září 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 12.

Thursday, 23.
It´s kind of a problem with the diary. Again, I have a delay, I wasn´t able to draw fast enough. I tell you the truth: tomorrow I am going home. So since now there will be a time lapse...
I use to draw in the evening. Once, around ten PM, I met Vincent in a lift. Since then I know he´s an owl.
- Jsem z Kalifornie.
- Hollywood, Hollywood?
He draws good and he´s familiar with the computer. He promised to teach me some Photoshop tricks.
- Dále!
It´s nice when someone is so kind and willing.
- ...and then you click here and here! You got it?
- Once more, please!
Maybe some Americans smile just out of habit, ... 
- ... you copy that layer and paste it here and it´s ready!
... but it´s much better than pissed-of Czechs.

Friday, 24.
I go for a walk along the ramparts with Lída.
- We used to live there...
- and over there, we go shopping. Horrible, those shopping centres!

 Ric and Noemi are giving a party tonight.
- Tohle je pro tebe, Lucy!
- To je pro mě moc silné!
- Ty nemáš ráda mezcal?
- Tak to je mezcal? Zkusím to!

Saturday, 25
I get up early morning, because at 7,40 I should be at the rail station. I booked a carpooling with blablacars, I´m going to Angers. They say it works perfect.
- I just want to ask, is everything OK?
- Y...ye... yesyes, I´m co...coming, blabla...
8, 15
- When will you arrive, please?
- I.. I´m almost there!

Now I understand why he didn´t post the type of his car on his profile...
- Excuse me, I had to pick up the lady...

- You could have called me that you were late...
- I tried to but it didn´t work!
... neither did he put there his picture.

- We must put is inside...


- Most important is not to make him even more nervous unless we´ll have a crash...

- You are from which country?
- From Czech republic.
- I see, I know, it´s East Europe, just next to Croatia, right?
- Well, almost. Croatia is a little further...

- She might be of my age...
- I´m his aunt. We´re going to a wedding of one cousin.
- You have a beautiful dress for that!
- Oh, I will change there...

- Is there a lot of Africans in your country?
- Not so many...
- How is the integration there?
- (attemp to explain the imigrant situation in one sentence)
- And what about the countryside? How does the countryside look like?

After three and half hours...
- Will you drop me off on the place you noticed at the blablapage?
- And that is where?