neděle 19. srpna 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 7.

I'm going to visit Lída, who married into Angoulême long time ago.
- You didn't have to, Lucy! I've bought one just today, you know, Jean-Paul wouldn't buy me flowers!

- Jean-Paul is here, he'll take you over there to have aperitif.
- Shouldn't I better help you?
- Just go, he will explain you everything!

Now i'm already retired, but I used to be...and even now...Do you have a card, too?

France is dead. You understand? Culture - end!

- The taxes are so high that people don't want to work!  I worked hard for my whole life, and now I should feed them?

- We have quarters here, where even the police don't dare to enter after the dusk. No way, France doesn't exist any more!

- So, now we can go to the table.
- Clink, clink!

- Take some more beans, Lucy!
- Macron? Bah! There's absolutely nothing the  parliament can do!
-And which French president was the best, according to you?

- The last good president was de Gaulle. Since then - nothing!

- Wow! They have even this cutlery mat! We had this at home but we never used it...

- Lída told me how you met long time ago in Prague... It must have been so romantic, right?

- We arrived with a friend of mine to check how the socialism looked like. He was socialist, year 68, you understand, not me. When he saw it, he agreed I was right, it didn't work.
- This is my best!
- Thank you!

- Well, I'm going to the meeting now...
- Oh just go, please...
- You've got such a beautiful garden!
- Oh come on, it all have withered...

- And you, what are you going to do today?
- Probably draw something... but after all the wine I hardly do something.

- We'll go out together!
- Shouldn't I give you more pie? Don't you want something? Meat? Cheese?

- ...we had champagne and then Bordeaux, year 2007...
- Podívej se na ní! How her eyes are shining!
- To je roztomilý!

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