pátek 17. srpna 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 6.

(Minule, v neděli 12, září vyrazila naše hrdinka  na výlet na zámek, sledujme její další dobrodružství:
Last time, on Sunday, the 12-th of August, our heroine set out for a trip to a castle, let's follow her adventure:)

On the map, it looked like an ideal place for a short break.

But when I see it, I don't want to have a swim anymore.
RNNN (highway)

After next 8 kilometres...

One can go only to the courtyard, the castle is closed. Just the windows are open.

So I go again...

I'm out of water, so I asked some good lady.
- Take!
- I thought just tap water,  to fill my bottle...
- Take it! It's well chilled!
Then another good lady gave me a ride as I decided to hitch-hike. The first car I waved at.
- Thanks a lot!
- Moc děkuju!

Monday, 13.
This is Mr. Jones, the character of Franco Matticchio. It's beautiful, poetic, lot of ideas, fun, boundless fantasy, joy. If I were a publisher, I would publish it.

Going to the library here is a big pleasure, I would just need better French.

Nothing special today, I'm in the studio until late at night,...
...where Noemi pays me a visit...
- In Lebanon everybody speaks English, French and Arabic.

...and Rojer, both from Lebanon.
- ...byla šílená!

Pokračování již brzy!
New episodes coming soon!

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