středa 15. srpna 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 5.

Saturday, 11.
Time to go to the market...
- What kind of animal beings are they?
- Sole - sea tongue in Czech...from the order of flatfish...synaptura lusitanica lusitanica... Raie = ray

- How to prepare it?
- First, you have to xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx, and then xxxxxxxxxxxxx!

So I rather took a piece of filet, after long studies...

With Matylde, we are cleaning the whole apartement... We whooped it so much we stopped not closer than on the sidewalk...

- The Indian from Kashmir observes it and he must think I belong to the lowest caste...

Tony celebrates his birthday.

Sunday, 12.
- It's a bit odd to post on one's blog fresh daily reports. Real situations with real people... when I know they could read it right now...

- It's different than just write a diary for myself and show it to somebody from time to time. It's kind of mediated communication with the characters of that diary...

- First of all, no self-censorship!

- Yes, that's exactly what I need.

- Do you need something?
- No, thanks. I'm just looking at the trees, how they are beautiful.

- Well, there is a whole alley of those plane trees... and where are you heading to?

- I'm going to Balzac, there is supposed to be a castle...
- It's quite far by foot.

- I know, I wanted to take a bicycle, but I haven't found a bike rental in Angoulême...

- I have one home at the basement, I could lend it to you. What about tomorrow?
- It would be nice.

You've almost believed me, right? At least you can see what a tricky thing is this diary. One can easily get carried away. Nothing happened exactly how it looks here. I have to translate the reality all the time. So - it was like this:

- Well, there is a whole alley of those plane trees...
- Oh, I see. So goodbye!
- Goodbye!

You know what I mean? This diary as any other book is like an open letter to the reader. But that's not the end, because the reader could react. If I go to extremes, I give hashtags to this post like #Angoulême, # bicycle, #trip, #Charente, this man purely by accident finds it and then he would come to borrow me the bike. Another thing is, if I wanted it, but for the diary, for the diary it would be a great thing!

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  1. Skvělý........ to, jak by to mohlo být, ale nebylo... a kdyby to bylo, tak by to vlastně nebylo až tak skvělý................... jdu číst dál... moc se bavím.................... pa A.

  2. Nádhera. Moc se mi to líbí. Samozřejmě, že je nutný upravit realitu. To už je prostě podstata vypravěčství.