úterý 21. srpna 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 9.

In the evening, I go to visit a nice family of C.
- ...quarters you shouldn't go to after the dusk? He was likely to mean XXX or XXX? I used to teach there!

- It's been a lot exagerrated! Ordinary people live there, who have ordinary problems like us...

 - I worked a lot with problematic children. One boy was shot here...

- ...and here.

 - It was supposed to be a warning not to poke his nose into someone's business...

I'm showing C. old pictures from my workshop I had in Angoulême with her students long time ago.
- This boy was such an individualist, talented one, do you remember him?
- Oh yes, Amir! He was fine. But then, he stuck too much to the faith and started misbehave to the women...

- After all, I'm glad I'm here after the dusk...
Again, I was treated with hospitality and now I use them for my diary. But I can't skip everybody and write only about myself!

Friday, 17.8.

There is a mini-shampoo, a mini-shower gel and a mini-soap in the cabinet in the bathroom.They are from the Hilton hotel...

Because Gabri arrived  yesterday from Spain, but in Bordeaux he missed a bus. The only free hotel was...

I like whan somebody is fearless like this. At his age I would go sleep to the rail station...

Saturday, 18.8.
I found a new place for exercise, on a hillside below the ramparts.

I don't have to go down to the river. Long time ago, not far from here used to live a saint man Cybard, the patron of Angoulême...

 For fourty four years he slept in a little cave on a coarse mat, only a stone under his head.
He was contemplating, doing miracles, speaking with animals.

Frederik goes by.
- How come you woke up so early?
- I've seen a kingfisher at the river again!
I would like to get back to the hermit Cybard once more.

I'm going to see Frederik at his studio.
He's drawing at the inclined desk. I should try it.

He likes birds.

He's working on his album about invented prehistory. It's poetic - fun - interesting.

He uses acrylics. The colors are dense, full, than they are transparent, in soft layers. I would like to try it too.

An improvised farewell party  for Noemi, who's leaving after tomorrow. A bit aside is a crazy woman dancing to her mobile phone.

- And you prefer English or French? Mluvíš radši anglicky nebo francouzsky?
- English. Anglicky.
- I'm from Slovakia. Já jsem ze Slovenska.
- What?! You are a Slovakian?!

It seems everybody´s partying, gathering, drinking, eating all the time... it´s a bit too much for me...

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