středa 5. září 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 12.

Thursday, 23.
It´s kind of a problem with the diary. Again, I have a delay, I wasn´t able to draw fast enough. I tell you the truth: tomorrow I am going home. So since now there will be a time lapse...
I use to draw in the evening. Once, around ten PM, I met Vincent in a lift. Since then I know he´s an owl.
- Jsem z Kalifornie.
- Hollywood, Hollywood?
He draws good and he´s familiar with the computer. He promised to teach me some Photoshop tricks.
- Dále!
It´s nice when someone is so kind and willing.
- ...and then you click here and here! You got it?
- Once more, please!
Maybe some Americans smile just out of habit, ... 
- ... you copy that layer and paste it here and it´s ready!
... but it´s much better than pissed-of Czechs.

Friday, 24.
I go for a walk along the ramparts with Lída.
- We used to live there...
- and over there, we go shopping. Horrible, those shopping centres!

 Ric and Noemi are giving a party tonight.
- Tohle je pro tebe, Lucy!
- To je pro mě moc silné!
- Ty nemáš ráda mezcal?
- Tak to je mezcal? Zkusím to!

Saturday, 25
I get up early morning, because at 7,40 I should be at the rail station. I booked a carpooling with blablacars, I´m going to Angers. They say it works perfect.
- I just want to ask, is everything OK?
- yesyes, I´m co...coming, blabla...
8, 15
- When will you arrive, please?
- I.. I´m almost there!

Now I understand why he didn´t post the type of his car on his profile...
- Excuse me, I had to pick up the lady...

- You could have called me that you were late...
- I tried to but it didn´t work!
... neither did he put there his picture.

- We must put is inside...


- Most important is not to make him even more nervous unless we´ll have a crash...

- You are from which country?
- From Czech republic.
- I see, I know, it´s East Europe, just next to Croatia, right?
- Well, almost. Croatia is a little further...

- She might be of my age...
- I´m his aunt. We´re going to a wedding of one cousin.
- You have a beautiful dress for that!
- Oh, I will change there...

- Is there a lot of Africans in your country?
- Not so many...
- How is the integration there?
- (attemp to explain the imigrant situation in one sentence)
- And what about the countryside? How does the countryside look like?

After three and half hours...
- Will you drop me off on the place you noticed at the blablapage?
- And that is where?

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