pondělí 13. srpna 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 4.

It got cooler! Clouds, little bit of rain, balmy, splendid!
I go to the comics museum. There is an exhibition on René Goscinny and Arabian comics. But also the permanent exhibion keeps changing regularly.

In a big exhibition space at each period there is a "nest"  with comic books to browse.
I am always enchanted by the oldest ones, mostly...

Then, I sit outside and "inconspicuously" take pictures of a guy practising his monocycle.

Early in the morning I had a vivid, dramatic dream and it seemed to me it is an excellent idea for a story, good plot, interesting arrangement of characters. It persisted even when I woke up.

- A marvelous idea came in my dream! Now I know what I'll be working on!
- Fakt, jo?


- Let me guess: you must be the salami skin?
- Go fuck yourself, little spill!

 Lunch with Thierry and Fanny.
- You could post your diary regularly on your blog...
- That's exactly what I told him, too!

- ...and then, if it's successful, you could publish it as a book...

10., Friday
We're going to see the new library behind the railway station.
It looks like a messy heap of binders, it's nice inside, imposing building.
From the terrace we have a panoramic view of the town. There is an exhibition Thierry was working on.
- "...On finishing a book, I should be different from the person I was when I started out..." (Alfred)

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  1. Tohle je tak hrozně krásný, spousta myšlenek, nikdy mě nenapadlo denickovat tímto způsobem..... Taky to zkusím!