neděle 9. září 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 13.

After eight years I see P. again.

I meet A.

We´re going to see their house - castle, they are reconstructing it in order to move there.
- This will be a storage.
- Here, a guestroom.
- A study.
- Bedroom.
- Dining room.
- Living room.
- Kitchen.
- Room for J.
- Atelier.
- Room for Au.
- In the valley over there is Loire.
- We´ll plant the herbs here.
- This is a windmill from the 17-th century, we will leave it like this for now.

I admire how they go into it with such an energy. It will be beautiful, but when I remember my 3+1 in Prague, where I have just to vacuum, I feel a big relief.
Sunday, 26.
P. takes me to the atelier of LL.
(figurines Les Reveurs)
- They are the only ones who hasn´t change in last 15 years.
- They are beautiful, you should make a book of it.

Close to Doué LL made a wonderful exposition about a history of caves duged out by local people to get stone over the centuries.

Then P. and A. drive me to the meeting point with my return blablacar and we say goodbye. The way back is quick and pleasant.
- How fast did I started to feel home here!

In the evening I write the evaluation of the first driver and I read his one.
- "The journey was good, we had a nice chat, for example about the landscape..."

Link to Le Mystère des Faluns:

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