úterý 11. září 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 14.

Monday, 27.
Just few days left till my departure, so I go shopping some gifts.
- This could suit to Ivana...
- Wow, this is beautiful! I could buy one too...

- Oh, this one is amazing! I´ll buy it for Běta...
- I woun´t find this in Prague.
It would match with my ring...

- This way of double-shopping gifts is quite interesting! I just feel compunction that I spend so much.
- Hello, madame!
- ...and some more compunction that I won´t give anything to this beggar. I just don´t like this one. 

Tuesday, 28. Royan.
With Mat and Nina we are heading to the sea.
Just for two days, to a very simple AirBnB.
- Are there some sheets, please?
- It´s not included. It´s written on the page. But for 20€ I will
bring them.

We are hungry, but it´s too soon for the lunch. But we don´t care, we´re on HOLIDAYS!
We admire a huge modern cathedral form the 70-s.

The sea is of the coffee-with-milk color and it´s almost so warm.

- Do you think it´s poisonous? It´s probably dead, right?

- I think so...

- You don´t have to be afraid of it, it´s dead, likely because of the heat. But if they sting you a lot in the sea, you could even die...

Why is everything so short?
We´re having a dinner in a restaurant la Siesta, where Picasso was supposed to go.
- Well jeez...
- I´m sure he didn´t go only here!
- If he ever was here!

- Sure!
- However, I don´t like cubism!
- Exactly!
- And top of that, he was such an asshole!
Then, with unexpected force, a big storm broke out.
- Wine! Mainly the wine!

- You have to come to me to Prague!
- That´s for sure!
- We will!

Wednesday, 29.
Girls let me have the best bed, but I can´t fall asleep...
- Somebody must have died here or what...

- Did your parents live in this house?
- No, why?

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