pátek 14. září 2018

Deník z Angoulême - 15.

Thursday, 30.
I meet that vagabond again. He´s wandering the streets of the Old town as a begging ghost, he collects junk, peeps into dustbins.
In his hunderd-years-old cloth in natural colours he would fit in some historical movie.
He emanates some special pride, almost a grace. In past eight years he didn´t change at all.
Then, I met him again...

He looked at me in surprise and he took the bill without a word. I felt embarrased, as if I had insulted him. Maybe he´s neither a beggar, nor a homeless. Maybe he is Saint Cybard.
I should have asked.

Two of three apples I have picked on the island on 3-rd of August survived in a good shape until now. I add more apples and bake a pie.

I´m walking around MDA and I´m saying goodbye.

- Hi, Lola! Do you want some pie?

I´m cleaning, packing, saying goodbye. First at Place du Minage, then at our place and finally at a bar which is open until night.

Friday, 31.
So, let´s go home, to Zeman, to Babiš...
(Czech president and prime minister)

- Just wait, we´ll meet again!
- When I´ll miss all this, I will go to IKEA!

It´s easy to go down the hill even with two suitcases.

- Oh no, that´s you, Fanny!
- What a coincidence! My sister just arrived, we´re having lunch with Thierry.

Well, here, somebody is arriving and somebody is leaving all the time.


This diary comics was created during August (and September) 2018 thanks to a generous hospitality of Maison des auteurs in a charming town Angoulême.
Namely I want to thank Pili Muñoz and Brigitte Macias, two Captains and Guardians of this unique comics ark.
I greet all the residents and other people I met. Thanks for your warm welcome, your openness and I hope you won´t get upset when you find yourselves in my diary.

Prague, September, 13, 2018

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